Today students will continue to explore their strengths and interests at the Thrively website.

  1. Students should make sure they have finished the initial Strength Assessment. If there are any students who get the message that they still need to join a class, the code for my class is OBZDVHSA
  2. After finishing the Strength Assessment students should complete the first Journal Entry. (If the Journal entry link doesn’t show up on the screen, they should click their assessment profile, this is a link to a more detailed description of their results

    At the end of the description is the first journal entry.

Encourage them to take time to complete this journal entry thoughtfully. Stress the importance of really thinking about what their Strength Profile tells them about themselves.

  1. Once they are done with the journal entry students should start the Find Your Passion If the activity isn’t on the home page they can access it by clicking the Playlist menu at the top of the page. (If the menu doesn’t work or the profile doesn’t load have students log out of Thrively and then log back in.) They may also still need to join my class. If so the code is OBZDVHSA.